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Types of translation and their characteristics

Texts that need translation come in a variety of forms, from instruction manuals and promotional brochures to complex legal documents. The type of translation determines which member of our team we assign to your project, but does not affect the price – which depends just on the number of words. Most of our translators specialise in particular fields in which they have a depth of relevant knowledge. Some of them have a background not only in language education but also have a university degree in another specialist area. For example, a translator who has also been educated in law will usually have the advantage of analysing and translating legal texts.

Specialised translations

Specialised translations often involve highly complex and specific wording for documents such as medical records, scientific articles and legal texts. We pay special attention to these because translating them requires great care and diligence. As cited above, specialised translations are assigned to translators who are professionals in a particular field. To avoid mistakes, the translation is then proofread by an editor who is native in the language.

General translations

General translations may include non-complex texts that do not require specific knowledge. These can be quickly completed and you can get the exact price for the work straight after submitting it.

Document translation with notary certification

A formal translation is required when you intend to submit certain types of document to the public authorities. If necessary in such cases, the authenticity of the translated document (which can come in forms such as diplomas and certificates, marriage and birth certificates, and other official documents) can be certified by a notary.


In the process of localisation, the text is not only translated, but also adapted to the target environment. We pay special attention not only to the fluency and coherence of such documents, but also to the sound of the text to make it as tailored as possible to the target audience. This service can be used for video games, software, websites and other digital content.

Although the categories above are the main types of translation we carry out, the list is not exhaustive – so if you don’t see a specific field of translation relevant to you on our list, please send us a request or get in touch. Over long years of experience, we have built an extensive database of professional translators, so it is possible that we will be able to suggest one to work on your text


What types of translation service do you offer?

We work with more than 50 languages. We usually receive orders for simultaneous, consecutive interpreting, court interpreting or remote translation.

Can I choose the same translator I have already worked with before?

Of course. If you like the work of a specific translator, we will try to ensure that the same specialist carries out your order as long as they are available.

How much time will the translator dedicate to us?

This depends on your needs and the agreement we make with you.

Which document formats do you accept?

We work with a wide variety of formats and can handle file types including .inx, .indd and PDF. Moreover, we can easily translate your company’s website or documents in any other format

How much will the project cost?

You will be informed of the price before the translation begins, based on an accurate count of the number of words. Please send a request and we will quickly notify you of the cost for the translation service.

When will I receive the translation?

The translation will be provided on time in accordance with an agreed time frame.

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We have worked consistently with Skrivanek Translation Agency since 2015. We appreciate long-term relationships, so we have frequently chosen Skrivanek for translations, and make requests for both documents with a wider scope and shorter translations of advertisements or specialised texts. We value the opportunity to submit material in multiple formats, whether it’s a link to a website or a scanned document. Skrivanek also fully complies with the deadlines for completing tasks and often finishes them even before the deadline. We develop together by providing feedback so our partner can better adapt to the needs of “Veika” UAB.

“Veika” UAB

We are impressed by your cooperative approach, sense of responsibility and professional translation services. Even amid a tremendous flow of work, we can always be sure that you will not leave us in the lurch and will accomplish the agreed tasks on time.

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“We work with you because you are cooperative, always respond quickly and we feel that you help give our partnership an ambitious nature.

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We work with this company because we always receive translations on time, we can always get in touch and receive thoughtful answers to the concerns we have. It is a pleasure to work with Skrivanek Translation Agency, and we hope that this cooperation will continue.

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