Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Engineering and Railway Industries

We operate on the high-speed train principle – we translate precisely, on time, and without any interruptions

Nowadays, technologies develop at a tremendous rate, and country borders do not restrict engineers to expand into the non-domestic market. When a project’s success depends on the accuracy and clarity of technical information, it is necessary to eliminate all the obstacles before transferring documents to partners and colleagues. Translation services that Skrivanek specialists provide can assure impeccable quality.

Specifics of engineering-related texts

In the engineering industry, precision and punctuality are particularly relevant, and it applies to this type of translations as well. The clients often submit texts that are impossible to edit (e.g., scanned documents with hand-written comments) or high volume documents with tables, charts, and illustrations. We always discuss translation methods and expectations in advance, and for this reason, you can be calm because translation will be delivered on time and in a format exactly that you expect.

Translators of engineering-related texts

We are especially proud of our gathered translator’s team of engineering-related texts. These specialists have education in the technical field and experience as engineers. They perfectly understand the text they have to translate and professionally use machine translation software, which ensures the highest quality and consistency. This is why the translation services we provide are reliable.

Our clients who work in engineering and railway industry often need general translations ranging from advertisements about new solutions to mobile applications that offer you an option to buy a ticket or check a schedule online. We entrust this kind of orders to our marketing specialists. They make sure that public texts will sound smoothly and attractively.

Common topics in engineering texts:

–   Descriptions of the products and services,

–   Instruction manuals of equipment and devices,

–   Financial statements,

–   Collaboration agreements,

–   Business correspondence with properly selected terminology,

–   Advertising texts, etc.

Other services for engineering enterprises:

–   Layout,

–   Different level and intensity language courses for employees,

–   Simultaneous and consecutive interpretations during business meetings and conferences,

–   Translation comparison with source text (bilingual editing),

–   Translation adjustment according to up-dated documents in the source language,

–   Other services that meet your needs.

Contact us, and we will not only advise you but also try to find the best service for you