Translations of insurance-related texts


We know that every word and number in your documents is important to you. The success of insurance companies depends on their ability to gain the trust of customers. Skrivanek specialists can help you with the translation of documents in this field, taking into account that not only the quality of insurance services is important, but also their effective presentation.

Specific terms

Insurance texts are characterised by diversity, from medical documents (such as those relating to life and health insurance) to others on real estate and vehicles. Contracts that contain specific terms are worked on by our translators with a relevant education in this field, while we entrust general contracts and other documents to translators with experience working on insurance texts. Many of these translators have a background in legal education.

The importance of accuracy

Every condition stated in insurance documents is important and needs to be translated accurately, which is why our team uses translation programs that ensure the coherence and consistency of text. Moreover, each translation is reviewed by a language editor and, upon request, we also provide a bilingual editing service – whereby the translated text is carefully reviewed by another translator with expertise in the insurance field. In this way, we seek to ensure not only that the final text matches your needs, but that it is accurate from the first to the last character.

Coherent and precise text is a necessity

Insurance documents must be cohesive and understandable, meaning a literal translation is not appropriate in such cases. We ensure that our translations into other languages are correct and comprehensible, making the translated text sound similarly.

The types of insurance-related text that we most commonly translate include:

 –   various types of insurance contract;

 –   insurance certificates;

 –   terms and conditions;

 –   insurance forms;

 –   claims;

 –   business plans;

 –   letters to customers;

 –   offers to customers;

 –   reporting materials;

 –   marketing materials, such as newsletters, brochures and advertisements.

Translators who are responsible for working on these types of text have extensive experience, meaning the work can be carried out not only accurately but also quickly. Furthermore, Skrivanek also provides additional services to insurance companies, including:

 –   bilingual editing of translations;

 –   adjustments to translations in line with updated documents in the original language;

 –   interpreting at meetings with clients;

 –   specialised (insurance) foreign language courses;

 –   specialised (insurance) foreign language courses;

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