Translations of texts relating to IT and gaming


High-quality translation is essential to ensure consumer-friendliness worldwide. Most countries use the same applications, video games and manuals, so it is not surprising that consumers need the same information in their local language..

Specific features of translation in the IT sector

For all IT-related translations, we use translation programs that ensure consistency in the use of text and terms. Experienced translators are guided not only by specialist dictionaries but also by lists of terminology supplied by clients.

Accuracy is particularly important in language used for IT, with text needing to be translated well to make applications more user-friendly. Over the years, our specialists have been able to produce texts that meet the requirements of both experts in the field and customers, with the information presented accurately, smoothly and comprehensibly.

Our professional IT-related translators constantly monitor linguistic terms, phrases and market developments, and accurately translate not only text that appears in applications, but also technical specifications.

The types of IT-related text that we most commonly translate include:

–   text that appears in computer applications and smartphone apps;

–   instructions for software and hardware;

–   hardware documentation;

–   text on software updates;

–   contracts and licences;

–   reviews, articles and press releases;

–   newsletters and marketing materials.

We never forget that translation services must be of a high quality. However, Skrivanek Translation Agency is not limited only to translating text; we also offer localisation services, which are often required.

Video game localisation

When localising text and audio content for console, computer or mobile video games, the text needs to be accurate and sound convincing. Our linguists always keep in mind the context and target audience when translating phrases and, if necessary, adapt cultural aspects (such as names and associations) of the target culture to the game. In addition, we always pay attention to the restrictions of various text formats restrictions to help computer programmers prepare a version of a game in a new language without any difficulties. Both the translation and localisation services we offer relate to the client’s specific needs, which is why we discuss orders in detail first.

We also provide a wide range of other services to IT companies, including:

–   compiling dictionaries of technical terms;

–   language courses for employees;

–   interpreting during meetings;

–   bilingual editing;

–   adjusting translations in line with updated documents in the source language;

–   other services to meet your needs.

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