Translations of content relating to marketing and advertising


Getting ready to step into new markets? If so, we can make sure that advertising material for your products or services sounds persuasive in any language. Trust in our professional translators and they will become part of your company’s success.

Marketing texts are unique

Marketing and advertising texts differ from many other types of document because they require a creative approach and tend to be rich in artistic phrasing, sayings, metaphors, personifications, rhetorical questions and allusions. Our translators not only have a creative spark, but at the same time never forget about the importance of conciseness and coherence in text. Commercial documents often use a problem-solving format, first describing an issue and then offering the perfect solution to it. Our translators acknowledge that it is very important to keep the text positive so that the advertised product or service is not associated with unpleasant connections, but instead with convenience and simplicity.


A recipe for engaging text

It is necessary to write concisely when creating, translating or adapting advertising-based texts. Such translations must be logical, accurate and well-structured, without ambiguities or unclear details. Our translators pay particular attention to headlines and slogans, as often the first few lines of an advertisement are the only part to catch a customer’s eye – so it is important that these are catchy and persuasive.

Important things to keep in mind when creating, translating and adapting content

–   The way the content will be used (e.g. in the press or on the radio, television or internet).

–   The relationship between the content and video or audio resolution (for aspects such as colours, illustrations, fonts and speaking tone).

–   Translation consistency (i.e. use of the same terms, sayings and slogans throughout the material).

–   Target audience (i.e. taking the culture of a particular country or target group into account).

A translation based on these criteria will be coherent, appealing to the reader and effective, helping the content to have the desired effect and meet your expectations.

What kind of advertising and marketing content do we translate?

–   Advertisements for the press, radio and television.

–   Websites, banners and other material for the internet.

–   Advertising slogans.

–   Press releases.

–   Promotional leaflets and other printed materials such as style guides, information booklets on products and services, content relating to e-campaigns and product descriptions.

–   Promotional articles.

–   Video and audio materials.

–  Consecutive or simultaneous interpreting of content presented at conferences, training sessions or seminars.

Social media offers endless opportunities for marketing, and can be harnessed to spread the message worldwide through translation of content into different languages. Skrivanek offers services that aid this communication with the world, including:

 –   Translation of messages for use on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

 –   Text localisation and preparation of creative text. For this, all you need to do is indicate the target audience, and preferably the desired scope of the text and medium in which the text will be published.

 –   Desktop publishing (DTP) services.

We take care of complex orders, with specialists in various fields able to balance multiple types of service while retaining high quality – helping save you time and money. Contact us, and we will not only advise you but also try to find the best service for you.