Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Medical, Pharmacy and Clinical Trial Industries


Our translators who translate medical-related text have a medical education. For them, incomprehensible terms or illegible writing doesn’t exist.

Medical-related translations

The medical-related translations are one of the most challenging. We value our clients and their trust, so we entrust this kind of translations only to carefully selected professionals. Our team consists of medical translators who are well aware of the consequences of negligence.

We translate texts based on client-provided glossaries; moreover, we work with translation programs to ensure accuracy and consistency. We assign the most appropriate expert for every translation – from oncology to pharmacy and clinical medicine related texts.

We care not only about the highest quality translation standards but also about data security. Both pharmaceutical companies and individual clients that order medical records translation request confidentiality. To ensure the security of their information we have implemented an information security management system that meets the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.

Most commonly medical-related translations:

–   Reports of clinical trials,

–   Leaflets,

–   Promotional material of services and products,

–   Medical records, health records and test results,

–   The quality control documents,

–   Descriptions and instructions concerning medical equipment,

–   Scientific articles,

–   Websites, etc.

Other services for medical clients:

–   Interpretation at conferences and with patients,

–   Specialized language courses for medical staff,

–   Translation comparison with source text (bilingual editing),

–   Translation adjustment according to up-dated documents in the source language,

–   Other services that meet your needs.

Interested in translation services and other linguistic solutions? Contact us and specialists will expeditiously consult and prepare the best solution that meets your expectations.