Translations for tourism-related content


Every journey begins with an offer. We seek to ensure that this will lead you in the right direction.

The tourism industry is fiercely competitive: customers can choose from a wide range of offers, with their decision often influenced not only by price, but also the attractiveness of the advertisement or other aspects of the offer. Tourism-related translations must therefore be catchy, smooth and accurate.

What does a high-quality tourism-related translation consist of?

As well as having a good command of writing style, our translators of tourism-related texts have knowledge of the target market’s history, culture and geography. This is essential for translating information about places of interest, monuments and landscape features and little-known facts. We pay special attention to the accuracy of geographical names and, on request, we can include the correct name not only as a translated version, but also in the original language (e.g. Białystok – Беласток).

We offer a wide range of specialisms

Our translators have acquired extensive experience in working on specialised content, helping ensure that our translations and editing will meet your needs. Moreover, we will carry out urgent orders and update similar translations without any extra charge.

What kind of tourism-related content do we translate?

–   Tourism and travel websites.

–   Catalogues, leaflets and brochures.

–   Travel itineraries.

–   Newsletters.

–   Press and web articles.

–   Travel accounts, essays and reviews.

–   Travel arrangements.

–   Audio tours.

–   Synchronous or sequential interpreting at tourism events such as international trade fairs, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

Moreover, we can localise video and audio material – which is very useful in the tourism industry because it means the translation is then adapted to the relevant culture. In this way, localised content translation makes the output particularly accurate and well-understood. We are able to provide this service for content such as audio tours, informational videos and presentations.

Language courses

Skrivanek has its own language school that includes specialised (tourism-related) foreign language courses, helping to improve language skills for guides and other professionals in the tourism industry. We tailor our learning programmes to the student’s needs, with the option to choose between the development of practical language skills and specialised goal-oriented courses. You can count on our tutors, who will evaluate your skills and choose the best and most suitable learning method for you.

If you are interested in Skrivanek’s translation or other language-related services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will not only advise you, but also try to find the best service for you.