Simultaneous interpretation services are provided in international conferences, seminars, congresses, and in the other similar events.

Simultaneous interpretation is quite a new method of interpretation, which had developed after the Second World War, in the Nuremberg judiciary procedures. Here testimonies were interpreted into four languages. Today, the principle of simultaneous interpretation is the same: it needs a cubicle, microphones, earphones, and two interpreters.

We are not used to talking and listening at the same time. The interpreters develop this skill by practicing simultaneous interpretations.

We offer an alternate process in order to achieve the best possible result

Simultaneous interpretation requires minimum two interpreters. They sit in the cubicle and see the announcers with audience through the window. The announcers talk to the microphone, the interpreters listen to their speech through headphones and interpret it to their microphones at the same time. The audience can listen to the interpretation in any desired language, all they have to do is to put on special headphones and choose a corresponding channel. Simultaneous interpretation requires concentration, quick reaction, and good memory. Therefore, the interpreters exchange every 10-30 minutes.

The advantages of simultaneous interpreting:

  • The interpretation doesn‘t require any additional time;
  • The interpreters convey not only the content of a message but also the intonation of a speaker;
  • A message can be interpreted simultaneously to a dozen or even more languages;
  • The audience is not distracted and focuses on a speaker.

Only an experienced specialist can ensure all the advantages. The interpreters who work in Skrivanek are capable of listening to the original message and at the same time convey its thoughts clearly, fluently and following the rules of grammar.

It is a necessity to collaborate in order to achieve splendid results

The speakers usually prepare their message in advance. If it is possible, we recommend submitting the speech to an interpreter. In this way, the material can be analysed according to the structure and the main idea. It is necessary in order to ensure a faster and more accurate interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation has to be performed in as quiet environment as possible. Better interpretation results can be achieved in close cooperation, which benefits both the speaker and the audience.

We know that there is no time to wait. While you speak, you can hear interpretation in your earphones.

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We have worked consistently with Skrivanek Translation Agency since 2015. We appreciate long-term relationships, so we have frequently chosen Skrivanek for translations, and make requests for both documents with a wider scope and shorter translations of advertisements or specialised texts. We value the opportunity to submit material in multiple formats, whether it’s a link to a website or a scanned document. Skrivanek also fully complies with the deadlines for completing tasks and often finishes them even before the deadline. We are develop together by providing feedback so that our partner can better adapt to the needs of “Veika” UAB.

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We are impressed by your cooperative approach, sense of responsibility and professional translation services. Even amid a tremendous flow of work, we can always be sure that you will not leave us in the lurch and will accomplish the agreed tasks on time.

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