Group language courses for company employees

Want your team to feel more confident in the international work environment? We can help you to overcome language barriers and communicate fluently with business partners and clients during presentations and meetings. We will choose the most suitable content and agree on a schedule together. The best time to start learning is now!
Excellent course results are achieved through:
  • healthy, motivational competition between group members;
  • the application of modern technologies and methods;
  • the establishment of a plan based on the company’s aims and requirements;
  • attendance tracking in classes;
  • progress tracking of students;
  • free language-proficiency tests.

Specialised language courses for professionals in different fields

Do you want to improve your foreign language skills in the area of business, marketing, law, finance, banking, economics or medicine?
We can prepare a learning programme tailored towards your specific needs and company activities.
The most popular topics among our specialised courses are:
  • international management;
  • management;
  • preparing and doing presentations;
  • business meetings;
  • official correspondence;
  • banking and finance;
  • marketing;
  • human resource management;
  • tourism.

Language courses for individuals

These are the most effective types of course with the fastest results, in which the learner will receive the teacher’s full attention. The content and structure of lessons will be chosen to match your needs, goals and progress.

Language courses for individuals are the best option for company managers or other specialists who represent the company at business meetings. These offer:

  • faster progress;
  • a flexible schedule;
  • personal attention;
  • work towards specific goals.

Distance learning courses

If employees cannot attend individual or group courses, we can offer you a solution to learn at a chosen time. Online foreign language courses are available at any time of the day anywhere in the world.
  • We will choose a suitable learning programme for your employees.
  • You can choose the intensity and times.

Short-term foreign language courses for business

Need to prepare a presentation in a foreign language? Or do you work for a foreign company and want to learn to communicate effectively with your business partners?

If so, you can try a short-term foreign language course for business.



You can choose from the following topics:
  • email communication;
  • management;
  • business meetings;
  • presentations;
  • sales and purchases;
  • customer and phone services, etc.
  • You will learn tips and tricks on how to communicate in a business environment.
  • You will learn to correctly use the most important words and phrases.
  • These courses are ideal if you are starting a new job.
  • For those who understand the language required at a level of at least B1 (intermediate).

Language proficiency tests for employees

We offer language proficiency tests in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These consist of the following two elements:
Written test
The person’s language proficiency level is estimated partly using a written test. The aim is to evaluate the extent of their knowledge and the situations in which they can communicate in a foreign language.
Oral test
In an oral test, the speaker is given multiple structured questions – and depending on the answers, more complex questions can be asked. During such tests, less attention is given to in-depth knowledge of grammar, with the main focus on the speaker’s ability to communicate in the foreign language.
Fully technically correct phrasing is not the most important indicator of proficiency in a language, with the evaluation criteria including:
  • fluency in the language;
  • richness of vocabulary;
  • pronunciation and coherence of speech.
Detailed criteria for levels of language proficiency are set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We know why our customers choose us!

We are implementing a staff training project and we are satisfied with our decision that we chose Skrivanek Language School as a long-term and reliable partner. We can count on a high level of English teaching. Teachers are professional and flexible, able to meet the teaching needs of all levels of English. Many thanks to the entire Language School team, especially to the lecturers Aušra and Solveiga.


We are very pleased with the opportunity to learn and improve our Swedish language skills together with Skrivanek team. Professional teachers deliver great learning material, engage the listener and motivate them to achieve high results.


Baltic Amadeus, in cooperation with Skrivanek, has organized English language training courses for its employees. Skrivanek language school is a trustworthy partner who stands out in comprehensive professionalism, organization, friendliness and flexibility of their staff and services. We strongly recommend Skrivanek Language School as the best foreign language teacher.

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We are very satisfied with the courses and their quality.

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Unable to find a suitable course? We will offer an option to suit your specific needs.

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