Facts about the Greek language

Greek is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages.

There are about 15-18 million Greek language speakers worldwide. The language is use in Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Albania, Turkey, Germany, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Canada, France and other countries.

The language is distinguished into the old and the new Greek. The ancient Greek language began to form around the 9th century before our era. The history of the old Greek language is often divided into 6 periods: Proto-Greek, Mycenaean Greek, Ancient Greek, ). After that, a new stage of the Greek language began. The new Greek language is divided into Katharevousa – ‘purified’ language (Greek and Cypriot languages) and Modern Greek: Dimotiki, the vernacular form of Modern Greek proper. Since 1976, the Greek authorities have decided that only the Dimotiki language version will be used.

The Greek language has a fairly stable set of consonantal contrasts. There are 3 (sometimes 4) grammatical genders in the language (masculine, feminine, and neuter). There are 24 letters in the alphabet. The word “alphabet” is actually formed of “alpha” and “beta”, the two first letters of the Greek alphabet.

The old Greek languages have been taught in Lithuania since the 16th century. It was taught not only in schools, but also in colleges, Vilnius University, seminary, and later in some gymnasiums and other universities.

Interesting Facts

The first alphabet with vowels

The Greek alphabet is the first that used not only consonants but also vowels.

Greek question mark

The Greek question mark looks like a semicolon ;

The Longest word

λοπαδο­τεμαχο­σελαχο­γαλεο­κρανιο­λειψανο­δριμ­υπο­τριμματο­σιλφιο­καραβο­μελιτο­κατακεχυ­μενο­κιχλ­επι­κοσσυφο­φαττο­περιστερ­αλεκτρυον­οπτο­κεφαλλιο­κιγκλο­πελειο­λαγῳο­σιραιο­βαφη­τραγανο­πτερύγων (dish consisting of different types of meat).

The Language of Terms

Quite a lot of Greek words are international words and terms.

Impact on English

About 12 percent of English words are of Greek origin.

Magnificent history of Literature

There are many famous literary and philosophical works written in ancient Greek. Authors such as Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes and Aeschylus are known in the whole world.

Translation areas where Greek is most commonly used:

Vehicle engineering, law, energy, finance, banking, insurance, information technology, medicine, pharmacy, clinical research, construction, real estate, agricultural machinery, forestry, logistics, telecommunication, industry, manufacturing, tourism, advertising and marketing, cosmetics and beauty industry and so on.

Linguistic services where translations from/to Greek language are used:

Specialised and general translations, urgent translations, translations of the documents and their certification, translations of websites and audio-visual material, translation and localisation of a computer software, translation with editing and proofreading, review of the version for publishing, adaptation of text and preparation of creative writing, design and layout services, interpreting, language courses, etc.

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