Software localisation

High-quality software translation is particularly important for moving into foreign markets. We can help to facilitate your adaptation to foreign languages, and different legal standards and cultural traits.
  • Software localisation: the translation will fully correspond to the original version of the software.
  • Device and equipment localisation: we will translate documentation, instructions and notifications provided with products.
  • Localisation of websites, applications and gadgets, including translation of integrated video and audio material.
  • Localisation of video material.
  • Localisation of documentation.
  • We analyse the version of the content in the original language.
  • We prepare the files for translation.
  • We check that the translation does not take up too much space.
  • We stress-test a translated program

Other services

What else do we localise?
  • Websites
  • Online stores
  • Instructions and other information provided on electronic device screens
We also offer transcription, dubbing and subtitling services for audio.

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Reliability, speed and quality of service

We have worked consistently with Skrivanek Translation Agency since 2015. We appreciate long-term relationships, so we have frequently chosen Skrivanek for translations, and make requests for both documents with a wider scope and shorter translations of advertisements or specialised texts. We value the opportunity to submit material in multiple formats, whether it’s a link to a website or a scanned document. Skrivanek also fully complies with the deadlines for completing tasks and often finishes them even before the deadline. We are develop together by providing feedback so that our partner can better adapt to the needs of “Veika” UAB.

“Veika” UAB

We are impressed by your cooperative approach, sense of responsibility and professional translation services. Even amid a tremendous flow of work, we can always be sure that you will not leave us in the lurch and will accomplish the agreed tasks on time.

“Husqvarna Lietuva” UAB

We cooperate with you because you are operational: you always respond quickly and we feel that you reflect the ambitious nature of our partnership

“Rehau” UAB

We work with this company because we always receive translations on time, and can always get in touch and receive kind thoughtful answers to the concerns we have. It is a pleasure to work with Skrivanek Translation Agency, and we hope that this cooperation will continue.

“Terra Animalis” UAB

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