Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter stands by the speaker, listens to his speech, and repeats it in your chosen language.
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Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreter works in a closed room. Using a special set of headphones, the audience members are able to listen to a feed of an interpreter.
There is only a few seconds difference between the source language of the message and the interpreting.
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Court Interpreting

It is performed in court and the other law-related institutions.
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We set the price in advance.

Not sure, what type of interpreting do you need?
Contact us and tell us about the event that you are planning. We will offer you the most appropriate interpreting solution and set the exact price. Our interpreters continuously work at conferences (simultaneous interpretation), meetings (consecutive interpretation), court, and other law-related institutions. According to the client request, we can interpret remotely – over the phone, or via video-conferencing.
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We select the most appropriate type of interpretation

Tell us about the event that you are planning and we will select an appropriate type of interpretation.

If you know for sure, what type of interpretation you need, write us an email with your requirements and then we will only have to agree on time and technical questions.

You communicate directly with an interpreter

Once the order is approved, we will provide you with contact information of interpreters. You will communicate directly with the specialists – it is convenient, and you will avoid misunderstandings.

Interpretations at your events

Friendly, polite, and helpful interpreters will assist you throughout the event.
If necessary, you may always request assistance.

Possibilities of further cooperation

If you were satisfied with our certain interpreter’s services we‘ll make sure that the same specialist will work at your next event. The majority of our customers continuously ask for the same interpreters.

Useful tips for ordering interpreting services


When planning an event or meeting:

  • Specify the aim, topic and specifics of the interpretation to the project manager. Having this information he will appoint the most appropriate interpreter/-s;
  • Agree on all the essential questions with the project manager, e.g. the topic of the event (or meeting), duration, agenda, number of interpreters, number of interpretation hours, language combinations. Confirm the information provided in the service order form;
  • At the project manager’s specified time (but not later than 3 days before the scheduled start of interpreting) provide the material related to event or meeting, such as programs, slides, records of the previous events or meetings, reports, websites where it is possible to find more information, titles, other support material). Specify your needs and requirements. It will help the interpreter to prepare properly.
  • If abbreviations and specific terms will be used during the event, provide their explanations and a contact person who could consult the interpreter/-s about various issues related to the interpretation;
  • If you order simultaneous interpretation services, take care of interpretation equipment quality. We collaborate with a company that provides simultaneous interpretation services and, therefore, at your request, we will take care of both – interpreters and equipment;
  • Inform the project manager about possible interferences for the interpreter as soon as possible (technical obstacles and other.)

Before the start of an event or meeting:

  • Meet the interpreter/-s and confirm that previously arranged agenda (place of the event, time, and topic in advance, and other essential issues) remain unaltered. If there are any changes, inform the interpreter/-s about it immediately. On interpreter’s request, give him a chance to meet the announcers.

Before the start of an event or meeting that requires simultaneous interpretation services:

  • Make sure that the interpreter sees the screen properly (sometimes the window of cubicle is scratched and non-transparent) and has a copy of slides, check the simultaneous interpretation equipment;
  • Agree on signs that inform about technical obstacles or issues during the interpretation;
  • Agree on scope and duration of the message in advance. Sometimes the announcers try to provide as much information as possible during a short period. They talk quickly and inconsistently, and it complicates the interpreter’s work;
  • Remind the event moderator to ensure appropriate reading speed of a message;
  • Ask the event organiser or another responsible person to monitor the interpreter’s showing signs and act to eliminate the obstacles (e.g. instruct the announcers to talk slower, clearer or deal with technical issues.)

During the break:

  • Tell your remarks and requests to the interpreter. Inquire, if he needs your help;
  • Inform the interpreter about unexpected agenda changes.

After the event, the project manager of the translation agency will inquire about the interpretation and ask you to fill in the review form. We kindly ask you to answer all the questions of the review form and send us via email.


The announcer aims to express the thoughts professionally and logically. His goal is to comprehend the thoughts and convey them clearly to the audience.


There is only one purpose that unites the event organisers and interpreters – both sides wish that the audience would be satisfied. For this purpose, it is necessary to communicate fluently.



What type of translation services do you offer?

We work with over 40 languages. Usually we receive simultaneous, consecutive, court interpreting and remote translation orders.

Can I choose the same translator with whom I already worked before?

Of course. If you are satisfied with the services of a specific translator, we will try to ensure that the same specialist caries out your order.

How much time the translator will dedicate to us?

It depends on the agreement and your needs.

More than 26 years in the market!

We know who we can entrust with your documents.


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13 800+

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Reliability, speed and quality of service

We have worked consistently with Skrivanek Translation Agency since 2015. We appreciate long-term relationships, so we have frequently chosen Skrivanek for translations, and make requests for both documents with a wider scope and shorter translations of advertisements or specialised texts. We value the opportunity to submit material in multiple formats, whether it’s a link to a website or a scanned document. Skrivanek also fully complies with the deadlines for completing tasks and often finishes them even before the deadline. We are develop together by providing feedback so that our partner can better adapt to the needs of “Veika” UAB.

“Veika” UAB

We are impressed by your cooperative approach, sense of responsibility and professional translation services. Even amid a tremendous flow of work, we can always be sure that you will not leave us in the lurch and will accomplish the agreed tasks on time.

“Husqvarna Lietuva” UAB

We cooperate with you because you are operational: you always respond quickly and we feel that you reflect the ambitious nature of our partnership

“Rehau” UAB

We work with this company because we always receive translations on time, and can always get in touch and receive kind thoughtful answers to the concerns we have. It is a pleasure to work with Skrivanek Translation Agency, and we hope that this cooperation will continue.

“Terra Animalis” UAB

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