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Quality and security guarantees

In 2002, we completed the development of a quality control system and received a certificate confirming that it complied with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 series of standards and we have also gained an EN 17100:2015 certificate confirming that the system complies with translation standards. Our company is an official provider of translation services to institutions of the European Union.
Quality and security


We use top-rated technologies to ensure high quality and productivity.

More than 25 years in the market!

We grow and develop together with you, cherishing the opportunity to contribute to the success of your business by delivering the best and most comprehensive language service!

More than 25 years in the market!

We have gained extensive experience in translating texts in a range of specialist areas.


Languages in various combinations

14 000+

Projects implemented in 2019



Reliability, speed and quality of service

We have worked consistently with Skrivanek Translation Agency since 2015. We appreciate long-term relationships, so we have frequently chosen Skrivanek for translations, and make requests for both documents with a wider scope and shorter translations of advertisements or specialised texts. We value the opportunity to submit material in multiple formats, whether it’s a link to a website or a scanned document. Skrivanek also fully complies with the deadlines for completing tasks and often finishes them even before the deadline. We develop together by providing feedback so that our partner can better adapt to the needs of “Veika” UAB.

“Veika” UAB

We are impressed by your cooperative approach, sense of responsibility and professional translation services. Even amid a tremendous flow of work, we can always be sure that you will not leave us in the lurch and will accomplish the agreed tasks on time.

“Husqvarna Lietuva” UAB

We work with this company because we always receive translations on time, and can always get in touch and receive thoughtful answers to the concerns we have. It is a pleasure to work with Skrivanek Translation Agency, and we hope that this cooperation will continue.

“Terra Animalis” UAB

Su Jūsų įmone bendradarbiaujame todėl, kad visada gauname vertimus laiku, visada galime kreiptis ir visada gauname malonius ir geranoriškus atsakymus į mums rūpimus klausimus. Smagu bendradarbiauti su Jūsų įmone ir tikimės, kad šis bendradarbiavimas niekada nenutruks.

UAB „Terra animalis“


Services we offer: interpretation, translation, editing, layout, localisation, language courses and other customer-specific linguistic services. Skrivanek Translation Agency provides the advantage of investment in the latest technologies and carefully selected specialists who we always aim to help improve. We are a market leader in a wide range of services and language combinations, and work with more than 50 global languages. The Vilnius branch of Skrivanek Translation Agency is a great choice for those who need excellent translation services in the Lithuanian capital.

Our mission: to provide solutions that help businesses and other organisations to communicate successfully by clearly conveying ideas to partners and clients in other foreign countries. Deadlines are a priority that goes hand in hand with quality. Meanwhile, during the consultation period for an order, our specialists quickly and accurately evaluate the request and provide a competitive, market-oriented price.

Our values: quality, speed and flexibility. The company employs highly qualified specialists who aim to provide you with a superior-quality product, aiming all efforts at precision and accuracy to help build trust among customers. Translations in Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities can help make your relationship with customers smooth and successful.

  • In 2002, we completed the development of a quality control system and received a certificate confirming that it complied with the ISO 9001:2008 series of standards.
  • We also have an EN 17100:2015 certificate confirming that the company’s quality system complies with translation standards.

Our company is an official provider of translation services to institutions of the European Union.

We offer flexible payment terms – for businesses and organizsations billing can be performed once a month or after each project*. For large projects or long-term cooperation, we suggest signing a cooperation agreement that provides a flexible discount system. For individuals who attend a foreign language course, we offer the option of paying in instalments.

Our ethos: there are no insurmountable projects, but there are tasks that require special attention and dedication from specialists who are skilled and knowledgeable in a particular field. Translations in Vilnius and other Lithuanian and foreign cities are carried out in line with the client’s recommendations, and we also take into account the changing needs of language learners. We believe that these measures are key to achieving the best possible results.

We are pleased that you are interested in our company, and look forward to working together successfully!

*Exception: new clients are billed up front for their first order, with the translation process starting after payment

Need a translation? Looking for language-related advice or services?

If so, we will prepare a proposal for you and provide advice or consultancy.


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