Translations of logistics-related texts


Logistics is a dynamic field in which circumstances and needs can change in an instant. This means that logistics-related texts must often be translated quickly, as well as with flawless accuracy – making it a process that demands great care and attention to detail. Our translators are aware that every number and word in such documents is important.

Why choose Skrivanek?

 –  We pay close attention to a client’s requirements, strictly following submission deadlines and glossaries of terms and abbreviations we are provided with. The most important thing from our point of view is to ensure that the recipient of the translation (such as a passenger, supplier or driver) receives accurate and coherent information on time.

 –  If you need us to complete a task rapidly, we do not apply any additional fees for this urgency. We also use translation software that allows us not only to increase the speed of our work, but also help ensure its consistency and accuracy.

–    We are able to certify translated documents within Skrivanek Translation Agency or a notary’s seal.

 –  We carry out translations into more than 50 languages, and you need only make a single order if you require instructions to be translated into several languages.

 –  Technical translation of logistics-related documents is entrusted to translators who are qualified in the technical area.

Which types of logistics-related text and content do we translate?

There are many different types of logistics-related text. The most common translation requests we receive in this field involve the types of text as follows, but if necessary we may be able to expand this list by finding a translator who can carry out a specific task:

–   logistics guidelines and programmes;

–   instructions;

–   contracts;

–   cargo tracking systems;.

–   technical documentation;

–   transport-related documentation;

–   customs-related documentation;

–   delivery notes;

– simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at transport or logistics-related events, such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and international trade fairs.

Our specialists have significant experience in translating such content, while we use different types of translation software that help ensure consistency and accuracy. In addition, a language editor verifies our translations.

Other language services

The translation of documents and other content is not the only service that Skrivanek provides. We want to offer as many language services as possible so we can help clients to better understand and communicate in foreign languages. These include:

–  Specialised (logistics-based) foreign language courses for enterprises and individuals. We have tutors that teach different languages to help improve your skills for activities such as work-related travel, presentations and reports.

–  Distance language courses in basic English for drivers. Topics on these courses are selected to match the most common situations encountered in areas including customs, warehousing, on-road activities (such as accidents and traffic), weather forecasts, filling in CMR forms, damaged cargo, directions, automotive repairs, food ordering, and general and personal information.

–   Bilingual editing.

–   Proofreading translations in line with updated documents in the source language.

–   Other services that meet your requirements.

Contact us, and we will not only advise you but also try to find the best service for you