Skrivanek Translation Agency uses cookies to improve the experience of visitors to the website on desktop computers and mobile phones. This policy explains what cookies are and how Skrivanek Translation Agency uses them on its website. If you do not wish to encounter cookies when exploring the website, you can change the settings on your browser and/or mobile device so that cookies are restricted or blocked.

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small files consisting of rows of letters and numbers that are stored on your computer or mobile device. These allow websites to retain a small amount of data relating to a particular user that can be accessed through the web server or a client computer. This allows the server to provide web pages tailored for a particular user, or a page itself may have certain records relating to the data in a cookie policy, enabling information to be transferred from one visited web page (or a related website) to another. Cookies cannot serve as codes or be used for delivering viruses. And they may not allow Skrivanek to access your hard drive. Skrivanek cannot read any information on your hard drive, even though it stores cookies on it.

How does Skrivanek Translation Agency use cookies?

Data collected by the cookies on the website can be used to improve the personal experience of users and offer more suitable content based on your browsing history and areas of interest.
Skrivanek Translation Agency does not permit third parties to advertise on its website. However, we cannot control the activities of advertisers that are allowed by internet service providers to advertise when you are browsing the web.
Under the law, “Skrivanek Translation Agency” must obtain your consent for all types of cookie that it uses.
You can learn more about cookie management by clicking the “Help” option in your browser, accessing the settings on your mobile device or visiting, which provides detailed information about cookie management on popular browsers. 

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