Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Construction Industry

The framework of the order – listening to your wishes, the roof of the order – translation that meets your expectations

Specialists in the construction industry know the significance of precision and punctuality. This is why the translation must be carried out very carefully. Our translators with extensive experience in the field of engineering and construction select the most accurate terms while our experienced project managers assure that even the most difficult projects would be carried out smoothly from order confirmation to the delivering results.

Specifics of construction-related texts

General knowledge is not enough to understand or even translate texts related to the construction industry. We entrust such kind of translations to our team specialists who have education in the construction field or another kind of technical education. Before the order is confirmed, our translators evaluate the difficulty of the provided texts. For this reason, you can be sure that your content is in safe hands, and the translation of a text will be carried out on time and meet your expectations. If any questions arise during the translation process (e.g. for abbreviations), we always contact the client.

Our task is to convey your provided information precisely, no matter what kind of document we get, from a building plan to a promotional newsletter. We work with various document formats.

Mostly translated construction-related texts:

–   Documents for public tenders;

–   Descriptions of construction services;

–   Documents of electricity, plumbing, sewerage, drainage systems;

–   Certificates;

–   Agreements, regulations, licences, etc.

Other services relevant to the clients of construction industry:

–   Translation and editing of sketches, layouts, including DTP solutions,,

–   Layout,

–   Language courses for employees and managers,

–   Interpretation during meetings with partners and clients,

–   Translation comparison with source text (bilingual editing),

–   Translation adjustment according to up-dated documents in the source language,

–   Other services that meet your needs.

Interested in translation services and other linguistic solutions? Contact us and our specialists will not only consult but also prepare the best solution. We aim for the highest quality text translation and a satisfied client.