Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Legal Industry


We know that law is like a separate language

The legal field is full of linguistic challenges. Our services range from legal advice for translators to translations of document translation authorised by a notary.

Translation of legal documents

Legal systems vary from country to country; this means that only professionals of this area can translate these kinds of documents. For legal translators, we are applying high professional standards that are related not only to linguistic competence and translation skills but also to the knowledge of the systems, procedures, terminology and specific language traditions.

Most of our translators have a legal education and have been working with legal documents for many years, providing high quality translation services. When it comes to translating highly specific documents, we select the specialist who is most familiar with a particular topic. We know that the same legal terms may have different meanings in different contexts.


We often translate sensitive documents and sign a non-disclosure agreement upon customer request. For security reasons, we have implemented a security management system that meets the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.

Your information is safe in our hands, and accurate translations edited by proof-readers will always reach you on time.

Court Interpreting

According to the laws of the EU Member States and other countries, litigants who live in a country other than his or her native land must always understand what is being said in court. In such cases, translation services are necessary. Legal interpreters are specialists who usually work with lawyers. They interpret during legal proceedings, testimony, mediation, arbitration, meetings with clients and so on. Legal translators also work in police stations (questioning, after arrest) or in administrative offices (e.g. during customs checks).

Interpretation services are usually provided:

–   in court proceedings;

–   contracting a marriage;

–   visiting notary.

We usually translate the following legal documents:

–   various types of contract;

–   judicial decisions, attestations, orders;

–   mandates;

–   other types of case material;

–   certificates, notices, claims, applications;

–   laws, regulations and directives;

–   promotional materials for law firms, etc.;

–   simultaneous or consecutive interpretation at the events, including trials;

–   specialized (law) language courses;

–   translation comparison with source text (bilingual editing);

–   translation adjustment according to up-dated documents in the source language;

–   other services that meet your needs.

Interested in translation services and other linguistic solutions? Contact us, and we will not only consult you but also prepare the best solution that meets your expectations.