Our teaching method

Over the last 20 years, Skrivanek Group has amassed extensive experience in language teaching. In line with this, we have created the unique Effecto® teaching method. Our courses based on this focus on the most important elements: your ability to maintain a conversation and express your thoughts fluently.

Speaking practice

At the start of each lesson, we talk about the daily daily topics customised to your language level. With each lesson, you will begin to find it easier to communicate.

Determining your language level

Before the course starts, we will determine your language level. Then, during the course we will provide tests to measure your improvement. The results will show how fast you are achieving your goals.

An active start to classes

Our classes start with conversation about everyday topics. With each lesson, it will become easier to communicate in the target language.

Inspiration to achieve better results

Before the course starts, we will determine your language level. We will then track your progress during the course, which will end with a final test. Evaluations of results will be the perfect motivation to continue your improvement.

We tailor content to your needs

You will be able to choose the conversation topics yourself. The tutor will pay listen to your expectations and choose the most appropriate tasks to match them.

Fun and practical learning

Most time in classes will be spent on speaking. In this way, students will be helped to react spontaneously to given situations and soon start thinking in the target language. The learning tasks will be highly practical and fun.

Guaranteed results

We focus on improving communication and practical language skills (speaking and writing). You will notice the results not only in the final test but also everyday life.

We know why our customers choose us!

We are implementing a staff training project and we are satisfied with our decision that we chose Skrivanek Language School as a long-term and reliable partner. We can count on a high level of English teaching. Teachers are professional and flexible, able to meet the teaching needs of all levels of English. Many thanks to the entire Language School team, especially to the lecturers Aušra and Solveiga.


We are very pleased with the opportunity to learn and improve our Swedish language skills together with Skrivanek team. Professional teachers deliver great learning material, engage the listener and motivate them to achieve high results.


Baltic Amadeus, in cooperation with Skrivanek, has organized English language training courses for its employees. Skrivanek language school is a trustworthy partner who stands out in comprehensive professionalism, organization, friendliness and flexibility of their staff and services. We strongly recommend Skrivanek Language School as the best foreign language teacher.

UAB Baltic Amadeus

We are very satisfied with the courses and their quality.

Gealan Baltic JU

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