The Bulgarian language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages, and the Southern branch of the Slavic language family.

Around 9 million people speak Bulgarian. It is an official language of Bulgaria, which is also spoken in North Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Israel, Argentina, Moldova, Canada, Russia, and other countries. It is one of the 24 EU official languages.

The history of Bulgarian language can be divided into these periods: a prehistoric period of a language (from Slavic invasion of the Balkans until the 9th century), a period of the Old Bulgarian language (9th–11th century), a period of the Middle Bulgarian language (12th–15th century), and a period of the Modern Bulgarian language (from the 16th century). The language started to differ from other Slavic languages when Ottomans invaded and began to occupy Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian language contains little cases. Nouns have gender (male, female, or neutral) and a number (singular or plural). Articles are used too. The Bulgarian verb system is very complex. They have a number, sometimes gender and are conjugated. Verbs are classified according to finished or unfinished action. They even have nine tenses, moods, modal and impersonal verb forms. The word order in a sentence is rather loose. The alphabet is called Cyrillic and contains 30 letters.

Interesting facts

The longest word

Непротивоконституцион­ствувателствувайте (do not take actions against the constitution).

The first Slavic manuscripts

The first written documents in Bulgarian originated during the period of the Old Bulgarian language.

The first literary Slavic language

The Bulgarian language is the first literary Slavic language. The Glagolitic alphabet was used which was later replaced by Cyrillic alphabet.

Cyril and Methodius

Saints Cyril and Methodius were two brothers who are considered the authors of the Slavic alphabet.

The Bulgarian language is similar to the Old Church Slavonic language, which is very archaic.

The impact of the Turkic language

Due to historical context, the Bulgarian language contains many Turkic words.

Unusual body language

Bulgarians shake their heads to say “yes”, and nod them for “no”.

Translation areas where the Bulgarian language is used the most frequently:

Vehicle engineering, Law, Energetics, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Information technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Clinical trials, Construction, Real estate, Agricultural machinery, Forestry, Logistics, Telecommunications, Industry, Production, Tourism, Advertising and marketing, Cosmetics industry, etc.

Linguistic services where translations from/to Bulgarian language are used:

Specialised and general translations, urgent translations, translations of the documents and their certification, translations of websites and audio-visual material, translation and localisation of a computer software, translation with editing and proofreading, review of the version for publishing, adaptation of text and preparation of creative writing, design and layout services, interpreting, language courses, etc.

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