Facts about the Finnish language

Finnish language is a member of the Finnic language family and is typologically between fusional and agglutinative languages.

There are about 6 million people in the world speaking this language. This is the official Finnish language but also spoken in Sweden, USA, Russia and Canada. There are three main dialects: the northern dialects, the eastern dialects, and the western dialects. Finnish is a member of the Finnic group of the Uralic family of languages. The first writing system for Finnish was created by Mikael Agricola who was a Finnish bishop, in the 16th century.

Interesting Facts

Finnish word that is used worldwide

Finnish doesn’t have many loan words from English or any other languages except word sauna which was invented in Finland and is a cultural staple of the country. Although the word is not pronounced the same as in most other languages, Finnish pronounce it as ‘sow-nah’ rather than ‘saw-nuh’.

The longest word

Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas (61 characters, approximately meaning Aeroplane jet turbine motor assistant mechanic, non-commissioned officer, in training.).

Words that mean sounds

In Finnish, words that mean sounds also mean the source of those sounds.

Compound words

One of the most common ways to create new words is to combine words.


Before each consonant and vowel compound in the word there is a pause.

Melodic language

As the Finnish language is rich in vowels, it is considered as a very melodic language.

Finnish literature

Finnish Literature was popularized only in the 19th century, when the book by Aleksis Kivi Seven Brothers (Seitsemän veljestä) was published. Until then, books were mostly published in Swedish due to historical circumstances.

Baltic influence

Finns borrowed a lot of words from the Baltic languages.

Non-similar languages

This language is not genetically related to Swedish or Norwegian.

It is very difficult language to learn

The language’s structure is very different from Indo-European so many people consider it as difficult language to learn.

Translation areas where Greek is most commonly used:

vehicle engineering, law, energy, finance, banking, insurance, information technology, medicine, pharmacy, clinical research, construction, real estate, agricultural machinery, forestry, logistics, telecommunication, industry, manufacturing, tourism, advertising and marketing, cosmetics and beauty industry and so on.

Linguistic services where translations from/to Finnish language are used:

Specialised and general translations, urgent translations, translations of the documents and their certification, translations of websites and audio-visual material, translation and localisation of a computer software, translation with editing and proofreading, review of the version for publishing, adaptation of text and preparation of creative writing, design and layout services, interpreting, language courses, etc.

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Lithuanian-Finnish, Finnish-Lithuanian, Russian-Finnish, Finnish-Russian, Estonian-Finnish, Finnish-Estonian, English-Finnish, Finnish-English, German-Finnish, Finnish-German, French-Finnish, Finnish-French, Latvian- Finnish, Finnish-Latvian, Ukrainian-Finnish, Finnish-Ukrainian, Polish-Finnish, Finnish-Polish, Belarusian-Finnish, Finnish-Belarusian, Spanish-Finnish, Finnish-Spanish, Italian-Finnish, Finnish-Italian, Norwegian-Finnish, Finnish-Norwegian, Swedish-Finnish, Finnish-Swedish, Czech-Finnish, Finnish-Czech, Danish-Finnish, Finnish-Danish, Greek-Finnish, Finnish-Greek, Dutch-Finnish, Finnish-Dutch, Portuguese-Finnish, Finnish- Portuguese, Bulgarian-Finnish, Finnish-Bulgarian, etc.

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